Price List B2B

North North Central West South East NE
  10.0₹ 12.0₹ 14.0₹ 15.0₹ 15.0₹ 25.0₹
Rates Are Per Kg. Minimum Weight 50Kg.            
Charge Remark Calculation Unit Charge min    
processing Processing charge /LR LR 50₹      
fsc Add "%age" for FSC in percentage and add "per kg" for FSC in per kg in Column C %age 15₹      
rov_carrier Risk as %age of dcn and Minimum price per LR (If its OWNER RISK, keep this value ZERO) dcn 0.4 100₹    
handling Package Handling Charges 250-400kg 2 400₹    
ODA Charges Lower Limit (kg >=) Upper Limit (<kg) per kg Min. Chargeable Amount (₹)    
ODA 0 500 4 500₹    
ODA 500 9999999999 4 500₹